Revolutionizing the Building Industry

LokBlok, Inc.    

Cost effective -- Material and labor for standard CMUs with mortar averages $10.22 per block. The material and labor for LokBlok averages $3.84 per block.

Environmentally friendly -- The manufacture and assembly of LokBlok units neither utilize nor harm forests and other precious resources.

Removable and reusable --  A large percentage of LokBloks can be  taken down and reused.  Structures can be as temporary or as permanent as desired. 

Utility friendly -- LokBlok can accommodate plumbing, electrical, insulation, and bond beam cavities within the assembled structural walls.

Architectural aesthetic treatments -- LokBlok can accept any known aesthetic treatments (stone, brick, tile, stucco, wood siding) thus providing the building owner with pleasing and attractive choices.

Faster and more economical -- A two man crew building with standard concrete blocks and mortar can put up 163 blocks in 8 hour day. The same two man crew can put up 900 LokBloks in 8 hour day.